El Cielo Snorkeling tour -Cozumel Mexico

I am deeply indebted to All Mexico 365 for what can only be described as a perfect snorkeling tour in a tropical paradise.

I was greeted by the tour guides of Playa Mia at the Cozumel ferry pier, and once all guests had arrived, we were divided into groups according to the respective tours. The tour guides were very efficient and fluent in English. Within minutes we were aboard a very clean and neat catamaran and heading out into the ocean waters. Drinks flowed freely, and the music was very enjoyable. Instructions were given in English and Spanish (if you don’t understand either, just wing it by following the group.)

The trip to El Cielo (Cielo means Heaven) takes approximately 45 minutes. However, the scenery is so breathtaking time was of no consequence.  It is interesting to see the hotel resorts from their front view with the ocean flowing toward them.

The first stop is 10 minutes away from the shallow waters of El Cielo; here the water depth is at least 15ft and refreshingly warm. With the snorkeling gear on you can view the world of the deep blue sea – it is spectacular. There is such a variety of fish of all colors and an abundance of coral reefs to be seen. This dive lasts 30 minutes.

A personal note on this dive: Stay on the outside of the group of divers unless you want to be kicked, prodded on and swam upon.

Back on the catamaran, a few more drinks and the final stretch to El Cielo. I had to laugh at the ‘oohs and aahhhs’ when we arrived in the shallow waters of El Cielo, but I can’t say blame them. If you have ever dreamed about a paradise, then it probably looks like this.

The catamaran is too big to go very close to the shore, but that is irrelevant. From where it stands the water is shallow enough for a person to stand. Swim about 100m and the depth of the water is about 9ft and this is where I got to see my first starfish in its natural habitat – an incredible and awe-inspiring moment in my life.

It is very difficult to explain in words the crystal clearness of this ocean water; it is like looking through the glass of a newly cleaned fish tank and perhaps even better than that. 

This dive lasted an hour, an hour worth every second.

A personal note on this dive: Keep your dive mask on as the water is very salty and burns your eyes.

Back on the catamaran; a few more drinks of water, cold drinks, beer or cocktails and we journeyed back toward the ferry but stopping off at Playa Mia for an all can eat buffet lunch. There was such a variety of food for everyone’s desires and very delicious too.

After eating you could either sleep off your meal on a sun-bed at the edge of the ocean or work it off on the floating playground, sailing, kayaking or pedal boats. If none of these is your fancy, then enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa. Playa Mia offers something for everyone.

At 4.20 PM we boarded the catamaran and made the final journey back to the Cozumel ferry pier.

This was a remarkable and perfect day; All Mexico 365 said it would be something I would never forget, and they truly meant it.

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