No wifi – and a quick visit to JipiJapa

14 November 2015

We woke up to no electricity, no water and no wifi … The first two I could relatively deal with but this was the one day I had to have wifi. Tamara, Neil and my three darling grandchildren were flying out to Canada for the rest of their lives. It was imperative that Ali and I be able to speak to them and to tell them how much we loved them before they left for the airport. The only means of doing that was via Whatsapp – No wifi no whatsapp. So you understand now??

I roamed about panicking, stressing and not very happy. My duty for the day was to clean/sweep around the pool area. Usually when we are working we lock our phones away in the room but not today. Ali was fixing more chairs.

All was sorted and fine an hour or two later I had peace in my heart that my little munchkins, Neil and Tamara got to hear me tell them I loved them and I was reassured of the same in return. God has blessed me with such an amazing, caring and loving family. After 28mths of waiting for their visas it is still hard to believe that their dream has come true and they are off to Canada. ..Oh well, there’s another destination for Ali and I to go to.

After lunch we really did not do much other than take a quick visit into JipiJapa (How do you say that word??) and then just chill at Los Suenos.

This not a coastal town so if you need to get to a bank or to do bigger shopping you come here. You can go to Puerto Lopez, which is nicer, but it is a longer distance to travel. JipiJapa must have at one stage in it’s lifetime had beautiful architectural buildings. There is still a little evidence of this. You can see one or two in the photos. But sadly it bleats the evidence of how third world this country really is. The people are very friendly and until you see the way people travel here, for example; three on a bike or bicycle, no helmets, battered vehicles etc, you don’t actually believe it. What we do want to get is a Nacho Libre bike, Ali and I love them. The electrical cable system is in my opinion worse than the locations such as Khayelitsha.

12208415_10153720066225148_3606925440196785369_n.jpg   PB140005 PB140006 PB140008 PB140009 PB140010   PB140013 PB140014 PB140015 PB140017 PB140021 PB140022   PB140026

We have still yet to see the sun!!

Remember how much God loves you and have peace in your heart.

Thank you for sharing our journey so far.








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