Road trip to Puerto Lopez

15th November 2015

Sunday, the best day here so far, we were up a little later than usual had a quick cup of coffee and then we all climbed into the hippie kombi and headed out to Puerto Lopez.

Firstly we stopped at a look out point. Here there is a stall and they make grilled seafood, fried bananas and you can drink from a coconut. The weather has not been kind to us since we arrived – we have yet to see the sun – so I’m sure on a bright and sunny day this view must be quiet awesome.


The next little town along the way was a very small (even smaller than Puerto Cayo I think) town called Machililla. So how do you pronounce this name?? Whenever you get LL in a word it is pronounce as an e, so you would then pronounce it as Machiliea. We didnt get out the kombi but Matthew drove nice and slowly so I could get a few photos. The amount of fishing boats floating about the harbour is fascinating.


Can you say JipiJapa yet???

The next stop was Agua Blanca. The best part of our stay here so far. But I am going to do a separate post for this so on we move to Puerto Lopez. Naturally also a fishing village but bigger than the others and more tourist orientated. They are busy fixing the main road along the beach so it was a bit messy with piles of sand all over the show. The odd thing to us is how they will just leave a manhole open, or leave pipes and material lying around. Anyone might seriously injure themselves. They clearly don’t have any health and safety issues here.

There are a lot of restaurants and nice little shops or as we would call them – stalls. They sell the most amazing hammocks, the brightest colours too. Think we must definitely invest in one of them, I will even throw out some clothing to fit it in my case.

If you go one road back from the beach it is the same as the other towns. Dilapidated and falling apart and lots of litter – much like Africa hey!. In between the buildings that are about to collapse you will find one that has been renovated and modernized and you can be sure it was done with foreign money and interest.

But for whatever reason I liked this town, I found it cute, it had a vibe to it somehow.

PB150036  PB150043 PB150150   PB150155 PB150157 PB150158  PB150161 PB150162 PB150163   PB150166 PB150167  PB150169 PB150172 PB150173

Can you say JipiJapa yet??

Please read the new post on our awesome mud bath … what fun.

God is great


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