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Lillian Ammann (Lillie) reviewed The Sparkle in Her Eyes plus Six More Short Stories

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Long short stories February 10, 2016

The individual stories were pretty long for short stories. Although there weren’t a lot of grammatical errors, there were many, many run-on sentences that I found distracting. The first six stories were okay, but I really liked the last one. The author’s mother had Alzheimer’s, as did my late husband. I really identified with the struggles and the good moments in her story.

writer2050 reviewed The Sparkle in Her Eyes plus Six More Short Stories

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South African romance December 3, 2015

The Sparkle in her eyes by Friedman is a collection of 7 short stories about 42 pages each so rather long. It is set in South Africa but it could be anywhere. The first story, Beautiful Scars, is about beauty being skin deep, the second story, Full Circle, is about returning, the third story, Renovated Heart, is about new love, the fourth story, Reunion, is about forgiveness, the fifth story, The Bookstore concerns a love of books, danger and finding someone, the sixth story, Where we Meet, is about saying farewell, and the last one, The Sparkle in her Eyes, is about Alzheimers. The first six is also about Christian romance. Will they meet the love of their dreams


Josephine reviewed The Sparkle in Her Eyes plus Six More Short Stories

Great story! Some theological issues July 8, 2015

These are sweet stories that clearly show that having Christ in ones life brings peace. I LOVED her line, when a pretty young model shows no desire to compete in the Miss World pageant. She says, “‘Mommy always says you don’t have to wear a crown to be beautiful and to be Miss World. If you are loved and can love in return you are the world to those around you.'” Awesome wisdom. I need to remember this.
On the disappointing side of this book, the author goes beyond “faith alone”, as in Eph. 2:8-9 to emphasize that water baptism is a requirement, and salvation comes at the point of immersion. Not sure if this is a denominational difference or what, but it seems to be adding to the scriptures from my view. The thief on the cross didn’t get baptism. It is not my desire to argue about the scriptures, but it seems the salvation issue is not something to mess with. Yes we are commanded to be baptized. In my opinion, had this been a true story, her character was probably saved when she prayed and felt peace way before her baptism. In that light, does it really affect her salvation to be taught that she wasn’t saved yet? No, not hers, but giving the reader any “path” to salvation but “faith alone” can be serious. You never know. It’s this issue alone that leads me to only rate it with 2 stars. These are my comments; take them or leave them. I will not respond to a discussion on theology.

The stories are entertaining.

Carol S reviewed The Sparkle in Her Eyes plus Six More Short Stories

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Enjoyable Stories about the Power of Christ to Change Lives June 11, 2015

I enjoyed reading these stories very much. They were longer than most short stories I have read, so it took me longer to read than I anticipated when I purchased it. The characters were quite likeable and the stories were very well written. There were a few small grammatical errors, but not enough to interfere with the enjoyment of the stories.

Louise Keith reviewed The Sparkle in Her Eyes plus Six More Short Stories

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Lovely fiction from South Africa June 7, 2015

Each story has a nugget of truth to touch every life. Many involve extreme loss, of life, of beauty, of family/friends but all offer hope for a bright future. Enjoyed each immensely, am sure the last was the most difficult for the author to write. God bless!

Samantha reviewed The Sparkle in Her Eyes plus Six More Short Stories

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God’s love is amazing! March 31, 2015

Touching stories of how God’s loving hand is always involved in our lives. No matter who we are or where we from. Well written and easy reads! Thoroughly enjoyed each story! Love this author, can’t wait for the next book!


3 August 2015

one of the short stories in THE SPARKLE IN HER EYES

A beautiful touching piquant story – of facing your past – forgiveness and allowing God to work in your life using people and situations that you at the time don’t fully understand.

If we hold onto grudges, seek revenge, not forgive or show compassion, categorize people as good or bad, distrust and guard our feelings then we cannot learn a thing in life. God doesn’t bring us lessons to close our heart. He brings us lessons to open it, by developing compassion, learning to listen, seeking to understand instead of speculating, practicing empathy and developing conflict resolution through communication. If He brought only perfect people into our lives, how would we ever learn to spiritually evolve?”

This book touched me on such a personal level – I am (Still for many many years) struggling to face my past – I see now that Forgiveness is not about forgetting. It is about letting go of another person’s throat……

Thank You Aileen for having such a major impact in my life – in my thinking and for opening up my eyes and making me really think about my life – God Bless You”

From Angie Wide Eybers
When you look at how lovingly and beautifully her Mother’s eyes are illustrated on the cover of this book you just know that you are in for a proper treat when you open the pages of this true story – here Aileen writes of her dear mothers dreadful disease Alzheimer’s.
Again Aileen tells the story in simple yet intimate language almost as if she was sitting on a sofa next to you telling the story personally, she has a warm yet honest way of relating this story of unconditional love and devotion to her precious mother.
At times whilst reading I couldn’t see words for tears of heartache – and at other times I couldn’t see the words for tears of laughter at some of the recollections –
This is an honest insight to the dreadful disease …. I once heard someone say that one of the hardest things in life is to watch somebody you love forget that they love you – God Bless you Aileen – this is one of the best true stories I have read – it touched my heart deeply – and left me wishing I could have met your mother I would have loved to see The Sparkle in Her Eyes”

2 August 2015

From Angie Wide

(Short story in The Sparkle in her eyes)

One of my favorite quotes is “Destiny decides who you meet in your life…….but only your heart decides who gets to stay in your life. Treasure the one you wish to stay with and live life without regrets.” And when I read Where We Met this quote came to the forefront of my mind.
A bitter sweet love story of how two people who continually accidently bump into each other both know from the start that this is THE One.
This book also tells that when you are a Christian there is joy – real joy in the life hereafter – that life on earth is temporary and if we allow God to He will heal our aching breaking hearts.
Loved, LOVED the book Aileen .
One final word to anyone about to read this book ……. Have a HUGE box of tissues right next to you – you’re going to need them xx

28 July 2015

Another fabulous review from Angie Wide Eybers ..this time its for The Bookstore in The Sparkle in Her Eyes…

Given my bookaholic nature how could I resist a book called “The Bookstore” Well I couldn’t …. What could be better than a book about a Bookstore? How about it’s not any old Bookstore BUT a book store where the protagonist meets her future husband….

Once again Aileen uses everyday real life situations to create a wonderful tale about a young girl with a quick tongue who finds herself faced an a life threatening situation – and how the most unexpected situations make us really do some soul searching and help us realize what is important to and in our lives.
The Bookstore is also a story about emotional discovery, the complex choices we all face, and the accidental inspirations that make a life worth the reading.
Aileen I loved this short story – for me it was a DOUBLE delight.”


15 July 2015

From Angie Wide Eybers
(Short story in The Sparkle in her eyes)
………” We are led by Him. If we take His hand and allow Him to lead us, a life of fulfillment and joyous understanding will be ours forever’
Such a charming, short but dynamic story.
Sometimes the ordinary situations will lead to beautiful endings IF we only put our trust and faith in God.
Not surprising at all Aileen writes this in a way that is so easy to read and identify with the characters – It felt like I was in the room with Kai and Darla – that they were my friends – I even fell in love and related to Griselda
Aileen has a way of taking real life situations which happen to everyday people and uses them to touch one’s heart and soul – I literally had to put the book down and marvel at how she (Aileen) got me to question my faith – and made me think how I should be more like Darla and Kai and leave things to God – (instead I keep picking up my stuff and try find a solution alone )
Well done Aileen – You are nothing short of genius.

11 July 2015

From Angie Wide Eybers;

(Short story in The Sparkle in her eyes)

A delightful read although it’s only 14 pages – it’s 14 pages of awesomeness – This story is Inspirational and has nuggets of wisdom and advice for young men and woman who are considering entering into serious relationships or marriage.
The main character in this story has to face her past that has been haunting her all her life – and we all can on some level relate to that – An outstanding tragic story that explores abuse and it’s lasting effects, and how having God in your life, the power of friends and loving family help in healing
An awe-inspiring, thought-provoking reminder that – LOVE FOR A TRUE FRIEND NEVER CHANGES.

10 July 2015

From Angie Wide Eybers on the first story in The Sparkle in Her Eyes;


This is one of Aileen’s short stories and for me it was too short – but any well written book is ALWAYS to short (and this is certainly true of ALL of Aileen’s books)
This book left me with many experiences and slightly exhausted at the end almost as if I had lived several lives whilst reading it …. I lost myself in this book and yet at the same time I found myself in it too.
Again another UNPUTDOWNABLE book – and even though it’s short enough for a bookworm such as I to read in one sitting Aileen manages to pack so much emotion, thought provoking questions that make you rest the book and think about your own life – her characters are believable – she is imaginative and she has a way with descriptions that pulls you into her mind. You can see the setting, smell the atmosphere and understand the characters.
An easy to read book – with a gripping story line so engrossing that I wasn’t sure if I should read the book quickly to see how it unfolds OR if I should read it slowly to make it last longer !!

Well done Aileen as always I am SO proud of you. You are awe-inspiring – just a heads up to anyone about to read BEAUTIFUL SCARS – Keep a box of tissues close by.

8 July 2015

From Avy-Jo Hattingh. I am so truly blessed by her words;
Review on The Sparkle in Her Eyes;
“The sparkle in her eyes” will leave a sparkle in your heart!
Aileen, where do I begin? Once again you have captured the essence of the soul through the stories you have so beautifully written. Your characters become family and friends as we delved into their lives of joy, happiness, heartache and achievement.

With each new story I felt as if I were visiting people I have known a long time as I went from house to house to spend time with them, have a cup of tea and be a part of their lives. As the story ended, I was sad to say goodbye but then cheered up with the next new story and family. You have described situations and emotions with such clarity and I’m certain every one of us can identify with a character you have so masterfully captured.

Reading about your darling mother and all she and the family dealt with was truly heart wrenching. For us who have looked after terminally ill loved ones we know the heartache that goes with daily challenges. You were an angel with your mom and I’m sure everyone who met you when you visited her felt your love and comfort. Someone once said to me “everything will turn out ok, it just takes nerves of steel to stand by and watch”. And it truly does. Through the hardships of her illness you were afforded smiles between the tears – how absolutely precious. Your mom went to be with Jesus where she is now perfect in every possible way. What a gracious and lovely lady. Thank you for sharing her story with us all. You are an inspiration to others who are trying to cope with this disease.

Your book is a treasure box to open time and time again and re-visit the characters who we formed bonds with and love as we see ourselves amongst those delicate pages of true compassion and blessed assurance

1 April 2015

A review from Kerry Lambrick Scullard
I’m a little behind – I’ve recently finished reading your book “The Sparkle in her eyes” and enjoyed each story that you had written. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. May God continue to use you to reach and touch people’s lives.

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