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Samantha reviewed Second is Best

Very touching! January 23, 2015

A touching story which reminds us to love unconditionally, forgive freely and to always keep God first in our lives! Great read!!

Karen Wishart reviewed Second is Best

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A great book May 29, 2014

I have just finished your book – it was wonderful. So nice to read a story based somewhere I know. It was far too short – it needs a sequel!! Congratulations you are a fantastic storyteller!

Kim reviewed Second is Best

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Thoroughly enjoyable. May 4, 2014

‘Second is Best’ with its interesting characters and very meaningful message is another beautifully written story by Aileen Friedman. I got completely lost in an old familiar era when although life still had its troubles it was simple, uncomplicated, honest and good. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

cnqrkdscncr reviewed Second is Best

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love and forgiveness April 20, 2014

This is the first book I have read from this author. She did an amazing job! I loved the story line and characters. When you realize the loss that was suffered and how much Kaye has to forgive, you can’t but help fall in love with her. You realize in the end how much you have to forgive others since God has forgiven you! If you don’t forgive, you let those who hurt you win. Life, love, and forgiveness are what you will get from this book!
I will definitely be looking for more books by this author

marelize reviewed Second is Best

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enjoyed April 16, 2014

Very nice story, well written. Enjoyed the book. Thank you, Aileen
From a fellow South African. Thank you so much

Cristina Marks reviewed Second is Best

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Wonderful!!! April 2, 2014

Another wonderful easy book to read, well done!! What an uplifting story. Once again, well done and when is your next one coming out!!!

Karen Galloway reviewed Second is Best

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Another amazingly interesting and easy to read book by Aileen March 19, 2014

LOVED this book. I was challenged in places but also loved that this is where I grew up and knew. Would highly recommend and if you are from the area, will love reading about and remembering places. Thank you for another great read, Aileen – no pressure – but waiting for the next one!!! Thanks heaps. Karen



26 May 2014

A super review from Carol Hughes Pretorius..Your book really blessed me. I enjoyed it immensely and found myself relating to Second is Best in such a big way. In certain parts it was like reliving experiences that I’ve had myself. You are such a gifted writer. Your book is so simply but unpredictably written. When is the next book coming out?

Charne Lorraine De Gouveia / 22 May 2014

Stared reading “Second is best” by Aileen Friedman-Naude’ this evening. Just finished it. Another good book. Whens the next one coming??

26 April 2014

I am thrilled to share this review on Second is Best with you; From Mel Olivier Walling;
Aileen! I eventually finished the book – what a treasure. I felt like it was cleansing my soul. Didn’t want to finish it! Sure did show me a few things! And although I didn’t grow up in S.A but in Zim, I loved the little reminders of how our lives once were. Thank you so much, And I thank God for reaching us through your books <3 God bless xx

Angie Wide / 8 April 2014


This book was a real treat for me to read I know it sounds a bit farfetched to say that a fiction book can transform you from within but honestly this book did just that – It really touched me so hard … you know the feeling when a preacher preaches and it feels like he is preaching directly at you when you leave you think “Wow that sermon was meant for me” …. YUP that’s exactly how I thought with book … it pricked my heart so deeply and for that Aileen I thank you … I thank God for you.

The story without giving too much away is centred on Kaye – whose life takes unexpected twists and turns ups and downs like a roller coaster ride ….. Testing and questioning her faith in every direction ……
Aileen has a way of putting you right in those pages – right there with the characters making you feel their pain, their happiness, as Kaye is wiping that ash off herself you feel it on yourself too – you laugh with her, you cry with her and you feel yourself learning the same lessons she is learning – what a beautiful story this was.
Written in simple English it’s such an easy enjoyable read …. Totally unputdownable.


George Ashmorea year ago

Really enjoyed the book!

Lorraine Pretorius2 years ago

I have really enjoyed your books so much. Such an amazing story couldn’t put it down. Amazing. Xxx



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