Atlantis Submarine – Cozumel Mexico

Is Cozumel your next holiday destination or are you planning to visit this paradise island in the future? Are you wondering what there is to do besides getting a superb tan and swimming in the warm Caribbean ocean? My suggestion is to get onboard the Atlantis submarine and experience the magnificent ocean world without getting a drop of water on you. It’s an experience of a lifetime.

When you arrive at the pick-up office on the malecon, your reservation is confirmed, and the group of guests is given a short briefing of the procedures to follow – note; there are no toilets or washrooms onboard the Atlantis, so be sure to go beforehand.

From here you are taken to the submarine via a boat and the Atlantis crew is so well coordinated that you will get the chance to see the Atlantis resurfacing from its previous trip as you arrive. Those who are returning will first exit the Atlantis and board the boat and then arriving guests will board the Atlantis; as I said, it’s a well-oiled operation.

The interior as expected is not overly spacious, but it is comfortable enough for the duration of the excursion, and the portholes are large enough to get beautiful views of the underwater world.

I want to point here that your view will not be clear and bright and colorful as we imagine it to be from movies, etc., for this, you will need specialized lighting that the Atlantis does not use as part of their effort in preserving the ocean. However, what you do see is clear and spectacular. The coral reefs, sponges and various fish are a wonder and beauty to behold.

The highlights of the excursion are the shipwreck and the reef drop-off at a depth of 105ft. The Atlantis will take you along the Chankanaab reef, and you can clearly see the edge of the reef as it suddenly disappears from your sight at the drop-off. From this point, the depth to reach the bottom of the ocean is 2000ft.

The shipwreck is the Felipe Xicontencati that was deliberately sunk in 2000 to enhance marine life.  Experienced divers are capable of entering the ship, and most come here to get their certifications.

The Atlantis is a battery-powered submarine that the Mexican navy purchased from the USA navy. The Mexican navy originally used it for rescue and patrolling; later it was bought privately and is now used solely for excursions.

I have to compliment all the staff of the Atlantis and in particular Ramon, the MC per se, he was excellent, entertaining and very informative. On your return from the Atlantis to the shore enjoy a shot (or two) of tequila; on the house.

This is a fabulous excursion and one that is not so easily offered anywhere else in the world. It is my hope that you take the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy, as much as I did, the incredible, spectacular underwater world via the Atlantis submarine. You certainly won’t regret it!

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  1. This must be quite an experience – especially considering the clear waters.

    And yes, submarines are usually somewhat cramped – after all, they try to pack as much as possible into the available space.

    Definitely something for my bucket list…:)

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