Iglesia de Cristo Cozumel Island

We have been worshiping at the Iglesia de Cristo – church of Christ – in Ave 55, Cozumel Mexico for a few weeks now. From the minute we walked in the building we felt so welcome and were greeted with a great deal of warmth and love. Our Spanish is still very scratchy and limited and we understand little of what is being said to us but we still feel a part of this family.

During service we manage to pick up on a few words and get the gist of the message, Betty, a beautiful woman of God gave us her Spanish/English Bible so that we can follow scripture and learn at the same time. The kindness overflows in this congregation.

Every Friday evening at 8 pm members get together for a devotional and then a meal afterwards, everyone brings something to eat and we all share in the meals. While we eat we fellowship, share and get to know each other, it is a fabulous way to become a family – God’s family.
We are so happy to be accepted here and will be by the Grace of God be serving and helping in any way we can to further God’s work in Cozumel Mexico.
Please keep us and these wonderful and these servants for the Lord in your prayers.
God bless

I have uploaded an album on our Facebook page please visit it often to see what we up to https://www.facebook.com/AliandAileenMissions/

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1 thought on “Iglesia de Cristo Cozumel Island

  1. Wonderful that you have found a place where you can worship and fellowship. Don’t worry about the language issue……….God is God in many languages. It is so nice how you all share food after………..must give you a wonderful feeling of family worship. I pray for you guys daily……….I never stop thinking about you and the wonderful journey you have taken. Luf you Luf you Luf you.

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