My Heart and You – First Reviews

Firstly –  I am still working on the cover so perhaps this book will not be available by Christmas as originally hoped!

As with all my books, I invite a few people to read the story and offer their opinions.

I am overwhelmed at the response received for My Heart and You.  

Here are a few of the reviews;

“MY HEART AND YOU . . . . A story written with such thought and captures all the beauty of living, loving and losing . . . a story of letting go and trusting, full of honesty.  . . the heart goes on it wants what it wants . . . .  an excellent book with great characters once again that remain in your heart” Linda Jones

“A beautiful storyline of sacrifice. Aileen will undoubtedly capture your heart with her tender message of undying love. It is so well written and a masterpiece that will keep you enthralled from beginning to end.” Avy Hattingh

“There’s this Disney quote that kept goingthrough my head whilst reading Aileen’s new book …”All you need is alittle faith, trust, and pixie dust.”–Peter Pan (Peter Pan) But in thiscase you have to re-write that to say “All you need is a little faith,trust, and Cary’s’ dust.”

A story about four characters –  Harry, who has a  bad case of selfishness, so bad that he ends his relationship with gravely ill Anel only to try come back into her life later and learn how selfishness erodes love. Anel who is given a second chance at life and through her humbleness and devout faith in God, knowing that everything in her life is but for the Grace of God, changes the way Cary’s views life – from being a self-centered, vain person with an attitude to match who continually put God second to her worldly goals, into a soft person realizing that you miss so much beauty in life by concentrating entirely on what’s important to one’s self in the moment.  And lastly Javier – seeing the best in people – trusting and relying entirely on God to turn any chaos into calmness, showing us that no matter what pain comes into our world, when we fully trust God HE will carry you through all and any storms you face.

What a brilliantly written book, I couldn’t  help but relate to a few of the character flaws each one of the personalities have and  was forced to  constantly taking stock of my life and where I stand with God during this read.  Well done Aileen on another captivating novel.  I was so absorbed in this book I was almost impatient to turn the next page. 

You know when you read a phenomenal bookyou want to read the book over and over again…….. Trust me “My Heart and You”is a phenomenal book.” Angie Wide

“I really enjoy the way Aileen brings her characters to life and makes you feel like you know them all.  She is so descriptive that you get to understand the surroundings and situations that are occurring. This is such a beautiful story that is sure to move you, and leave you wanting more. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. Thank you Aileen for another great read, I can’t wait for the next one” Helen West

“A captivating, fast paced story that makes you hold your breath from the very first page. A story  of tragedy, heartache, loss, hope, faith and true love.

You are not only drawn into to the lives of Anel, Carys and Javier but experience and feel their fear, their pain, their hopes and their dreams. In the end, it is really an uplifting love story of how God carries our hearts and lives in His hands.  

From the very first page to the last, you can´t put this book down and you don´t want it to end as you realize life is fragile, anything can happen any minute.  It is not to be taken for granted but to be appreciated and lived to the fullest. For it is a gift as tomorrow is not promised.

Once again, thank you Aileen for this beautiful story that really touched my heart and for sharing it with me. God has really blessed you with a wonderful talent” Celeste Williams

I cannot wait to publish this story so that you amy all fall in love with Javier and Anel.

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