My Heart and You – preview reviews

This is my next novel – My Heart and You

I had written eight or nine chapters and was not sure whether to continue with the current path of the story, to change the characters or to possibly trash it completely.

The best way to solve my dilemma was to send the chapters to a few people and to appreciate their honest opinion.

These are their responses;

“Oh my I could not resist waiting till tomorrow, I simply had to read it, you had better hurry up and finish it because I’m loving it

Don’t you dare trash it!!!! 

This is going to be another good one – yay well done so so excited”

“I could not put your book down!! Dont you dare trash it!! Well done! I am speechless, this book is a master piece, its so well written and descriptive! All I can say is wow!!! Wow!! Wow!!!”

“It’s such  a beautiful story so far …  you have to finish it.”

So there you have it.

I will endeavour to do justice to the characters and their story. Keep you eyes and ears alert for updates on My Heart and You. I am aiming at publishing in the latter part of this year.

Just by reading the title – anyone have a clue as to the storyline? Or an idea for a book cover? I’d love to hear your ideas.

God bless always



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  1. ooooooooooooh i so loved this book already just by the first few chapters!! You have aced it with the “whats going to happen next” mystery!! love you my darling xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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