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It is time to update my social media profile photo.

As those of you who know me well, posing for studio photos is not my favourite pastime. Posing for photos with family and having fun making memories is easy and how I wish I could use one of those.

However, it is the professional photos we seek, and I am in the fortunate position to have a professional photographer for a daughter. She is so talented and gifted in her craft, please visit her website Mik ‘n Drik Photography, and you will undoubtedly agree with me.


So, here are four photos from which to choose. I want you, my favourite people to choose the photo most fitting to my character and the one that you think would be suitable for my social media sites.

Share why you think your choice is the right one and the person with the best comment will get a signed copy of my next novella – look out for my next blog about this.

i am eagerly looking forward to your choice and comments.

God bless



25 thoughts on “New Profile

  1. Love the 4th one.. Or bottom one. Your eyes are so beautiful in it and because your eyes are the windows to your soul, which is beautiful, I think it has to be that one.

  2. Photo 3
    The first two your body language is closed and uninviting because of your crossed arms.
    Photo 3 is definitely more open and relaxed but yet very professional looking and self assured.

  3. Bottom photo although all are beautiful but you look
    so peaceful and your eyes are very engaging.
    However no 1 has that mischievous look which
    depending on what book you are writing would also
    be a good choice. ❤️

  4. Bottom
    You seem relaxed and more open, very sophisticated, friendly and beautiful. Your eyes are the windows o your soul I see the hardships and heartaches you’ve gone through but I also see a strong woman that
    won’t give up no matter what. God bless you abundantly always

  5. Top one I think is lovely. You look naughty,, in charge, sassy and about to laugh. All the things I remember about you at school. (Nice naughty)

  6. I like the 3rd one, not only do you look stunning, but the kindness I remember shines through!

  7. The very first one. I know your arms are crossed, however, I absolutely like your facial expression in that one! It is businesswoman like, daring, and also subtle, saying: “I know something[s] and yes, I see you”
    I like both with the dress too, depends what you want to use the photos for (besides social media)
    The first one is ideal for a book cover or profile photo of a guest speaker etc.

  8. Love them all. The first one IS naughty and sassy but the last one is stunning. That dress is fabulous too and the colours pop xx

  9. Its a difficult choice with such a beautiful face such as yours, but I love the first one, its just so you! You also look at ease and natural. But in my eyes you are just perfect no matter what pose you do!

  10. I would have chosen all of them but I will for the sake of your wish for us to chose only one , I will go for number 4.Everything is perfectly stunning .The lips matching perfectly with the red flowers on the dress .The necklace hangs so well and looks so well with the bare shoulders.So lovely!

  11. Just read” The Secret of Grace”recommend by an angel.Touched with peace love and presence of God’s holy spirit.Amen
    Thank you

  12. Photo#1 though all great pictures in there own pose,is it possible to receive that one autographed??
    God bless you

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