Radar Love and Book Publishers

Radar Love has been submitted to various publishers and now I am learning to be patient. I have obviously had a few rejections but at the same time one or two publishers have asked for more information. There’s always a positive where there is a negative!

I ask you please to keep me in your prayers that the right publisher accepts this fabulous story.

The Hangklip and Silversands Radar stations, in Betty’s Bay, (it was known as Sandown Bay in the 1940’s) Western Cape, South Africa are the settings for our friends in the story, Radar Love. During my research, I contacted the owner of the property where the Hangklip Radar Station existed, Nico Van Niekerk. His grandfather bought the property not long after the war, and it has remained in the family all these years. The structure of the buildings have been preserved and only slightly modified; that the history of the building had not been destroyed is to me, fabulous .

Here are a few photos I’d like to share with you; now you may start visualizing how and where the story takes place.

Hangklip Radar Station in the 1940’s


The radar tower on the far right and on its left the 'tech-hut'
Hangklip Radar Station as it is today (photo taken in 2015) The radar tower on the far right and on its left the ‘tech-hut’ It is situated 600m up a steep hill on the mountainside.


Nico Van Niekerk (owner) and me in front of the 'tech-hut'
Nico Van Niekerk (owner) and me on the side of the ‘tech-hut’


The view from the Hangklip Radar Station; breath-taking
The view from the Hangklip Radar Station; breath-taking


Silversands Barracks Function room in 1940’s. It has hardly changed to today


Are you excited to start reading Radar Love yet?

Please read my earlier post about reviews (here)… I cannot express enough how important reviews and ratings are. So even if you did not buy a book on Amazon you can still write your review there. Please do it for me. Thank you.

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