SUP – Cozumel

Stand Up Paddle – It has been on my bucket list for so many years, and I am thrilled to at last put a check mark against it. Thank you to my lovely son-in-law for this oppotunity.


It is a fabulous sport that gives you a great workout and at the same time completely relaxed. Enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the scenery as you stand up and paddle on a large board near the shores.


In Cozumel, there is a place called De Lille Sports that hire boards with an instructor. They are fabulous people, full of fun and eager for you to fall in love with this sport, which is not hard to do.


After a session and a few tumbles into the warm Caribbean ocean we relaxed at Cafe del Mar. I immediately wanted to spend the rest of the day here; it is almost in the ocean and so rustic you won’t want to leave. Their prices in comparison to most places are a lot cheaper – have a smoothie they are wonderful.


While we watched the sun set on the deck of Cafe del Mar, I captured this shot at the perfect time of Juani Uranga crossing the sunlight on the ocean.


Cozumel has so much to offer – SUP  is of the best value for money.

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