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Before publishing The Secret of Grace I did, as I usually do, ask a few people to review it for their honest opinion.

Here are the reviews;

“Another beautiful story by Aileen, as an author Aileen always manages to bring the characters to life, one by one the characters creep into your heart and come to life. This is a story of love hope and strong bonds, this is a story once again that will remain in your heart long after you have read the last page” – Linda Jones

“There are stories which once started must be told to the end before you can stop. Aileen Friedman’s latest story is of this type. Real life holds much more than a glossy cover of happiness and sunny days. Holding on to secrets may seem right for a time but when God comes in, redemption arrives through their release. It is then we know the power of Amazing Grace. Read on and see for yourself” – Mark Peak

“Aileen invited me to read her book……… I don’t normally read short Christian novelettes. I started reading and was not intrigued at the start of the story. Ok I thought what is it about anyway and I continued. I am glad I did because the story not only captured my attention but my heart. I was surprised how Aileen was able to use her story telling finesse to take me on a moving emotional journey. Before I realized… I was drawn into the story. I could not stop reading. I went from being outside the story to feeling like I was in the story. I felt like I could relate with the character Archie, his joy, his pain and his sorrow. I must confess it brought tears to my eyes. So much more is ravelled up in such a powerfully emotional and compelling story. I can only strongly recommend you buy and read it. Be prepared to have an     experience and not just a read.”- Peter  Van Wyk

“I love reading – I love reading especially books written by Aileen Friedman It is an honor and privilege to be writing my sixth review on her stories – all so different BUT all the same in that YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE LIVING INSIDE THE BOOK The characters are so believable that you form an attachment with them – this book like most of the rest will have you reaching for the tissue box!! The Secret of Grace is a story of siblings with an inseparable bond who go to war and because of circumstances he gets caught up in an unstoppable chain of events and the love he has for his brother is forced to live his life carrying a family secret and later in life because of love he is forced to reveal that secret! The story reminds us that it’s usually in the worst times of our lives that we find our purpose in life and if we remain faithful to God through all our tragedies and trials He will bring us through victoriously. A bitter sweet tear jerking novel has certainly struck all the right chords with me – Makes you take stock of your personal relationship with God. It is a very pleasant, easy read about several generations of the same family and of course, the family secret.” – Angie Wide

 “The Secret of Grace is a beautifully written book on unconditional love. I felt as if I were eavesdropping and unable to pull myself away from an intimate conversation between a grandfather and his grandson. This story has intertwined hearts in ways unimaginable! Aileen has brought each of the characters to life masterfully and with sheer tenderness. This is an outstanding book and one I thoroughly enjoyed spending time in. Life has a mixture of joy and sadness and the author has embraced Gods grace and His pearls of wisdom throughout the book.  Well done Aileen, you have brought to the forefront the importance of the true meaning of family values.” – Avy Hattingh 

“The Secret of Grace is a touching story that all Aileen Friedman fans will love.  True to the style that is distinctively her own, Aileen brings her own deep faith and keen understanding of family, life and love to bear in this heart warming story which is a testament to her love of God.” – Nadia Lederer

“A wonderful and moving story about true love and commitment – to family and to God. It will touch your heart and your soul.” –  Lydia Hale

It took quite a few sittings to read the story as I needed a space to enjoy and also cry privately. That is truly a beautiful story Aileen and it has deeply touched my heart. – Courtney Pentz

“This book touched my heart and will linger for always.  Aileen brings the characters alive and I felt emotionally charged through the whole story. This is a book you won’t want to put down till you finish it and discover what happens at the end of the story.  I loved this story, the characters, and Gods message that is woven throughout the book.  I look forward  to reading more from this very talented author. Thank you Aileen for sharing this touching story.” – Helen West

“I cried the entire story. I think it’s many peoples’ story. We all struggle with loss and grief and carrying burdens to protect our loved ones. It brought up a lot pain from losing loved ones that I had been suppressing.” – Cara Friedman

“A short story compact with a lot of emotion. I love the relationship between grandparent and grandson. It’s not just a relationship of the family but a true bond of love and respect. No matter who you are, we all have a story and we make the choice to do good or bad. This story gave me tears of happiness and sadness. Loved every word of it” – Tamara De Jager


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