Changes From a Sunset – The new Cover is here

I asked a few weeks ago for your opinions on a new cover for Changes From a Sunset (Read here).

Well you certainly gave me a lot to think about and a lot of great ideas – so I do say “Thank you” your response is hugely appreciated.

So this was the old cover

And now here without any further ado is the NEW AND IMPROVED cover  (drumroll inserted)


I have still kept the original sunset photo which my daughter Nadine took and added the silouhette figures. I know you might say it looks different but I had used a different section of the photo in the first cover. Here is the original photo for your perusal.

Also the title is far more striking – well I think so.

I would really value your opnions to the new cover  – If you have read the book, does the cover reflect the characters? If you havn’t read the book, does the cover make you want to read it?

Have a superb and fabulous week

God bless


5 thoughts on “Changes From a Sunset – The new Cover is here

  1. The new cover says a LOT more. And the title makes one curious…

    What does it imply? What does it mean?

    And curiosity may have killed the cat, but it made many marketers rich…;)

    I hope both the cover and the book does well for you.

    All the best

  2. I like the image styling. Is this a romance novel? The cover image tells me that it is. For what it’s worth, the star of the cover should be your title and right now it is the figures that my eyes go to first. I would suggest dropping the TITLE position from where it is now (too close to the top). Also make all the words the same size and center justification. Don’t worry if it overlaps on the figures a little, or vice-a-versa. Just remember that it is the TITLE you want to see first. Good luck 🙂

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