God’s purpose for you – wait for Him to reveal it to you

God’s will show you His purpose for you


It is a question we ask so often; ‘God what is my purpose here?’ or ‘God what do you want to do with me?’

We beg and plead with God to show us His purpose for our lives and how we may we serve Him in this world. Although we pray reverently, God will answer in His time, when He knows you are ready to do His will and not your own.

This is my testament to the above;

We left South Africa with the intention of traveling around South and Central America for a year or so until we found a place we’d like to settle in. While we were in Ecuador, our daughter asked us to please join her in Cozumel Island, Mexico for the arrival of her baby. Naturally, we agreed and planned to stay for six months.

The Island struck a chord within Ali and me; it kept niggling at us to stay and not to continue to Colombia. Added to this our investments in South Africa was rapidly declining thanks to the volatile state of the country and it helped us to commit to remaining on the Island.

There is a church of Christ here on the Island of which we are members, and so we eagerly attended. Not yet being able to speak or understand much Spanish we started to feel disheartened with not being able to get involved with most of their activities. As our investment decreased even further, we began to question and wonder why we were on the Island, where we couldn’t speak the language and wanting to serve God above all else.

The months dragged on, and we acknowledge how blessed we are to have a granddaughter that is healthy, so entertaining and lovable. But, we still were questioning our purpose; why and in what way were we to serve God here?

We signed on as study helpers with World Bible School’s (WBS) online course and got a great sense of pleasing when we checked the final box confirming a student had graduated. The more our students graduated, the more we wanted to get WBS to the people of Cozumel.

After a Sunday morning service, a beautiful woman of God Leti came to speak with me and with our broken English and Spanish we communicated. Leti wanted to improve her English. We agreed to meet twice a week and do conversational English and Spanish. From this, a beautiful friendship has developed between Leti, her husband Raul, and me and Ali. Leti is now also a study helper with WBS. We all have the same drive to serve God in Cozumel.

Not knowing what to do with our investment in South Africa and its decline we had given it to the Lord to handle for us. One day we were talking to a friend who is a realtor, Caribe Cedral Realtors and she offered to show us a house that would fit within our budget. We saw the potential it had and immediately started with the plans to move our money.

As we slowly got to know Raul and Leti better, we also got closer to the senior youth kids at the church since they are very involved with the leadership of the youth. What a fabulous God loving bunch of kids.

I have gone on a real roundabout way to get to this point I want to make, but I wanted you the reader to see the road we had to take to get where God wants us to be.

We arrived on an Island a little paradise on earth where we are really very happy.

We start losing money, but God has a plan and puts in place for us to buy exactly what we need with the money we have available.

Through having to learn Spanish, we meet Raul and Leti and form a bond of friendship, and we get to know the youth.

The outcome – our home is as of August 2017 going to host WBS Bible studies to the youth, and with them, we will spread the gospel of Jesus to Cozumel.

God has a plan for you, watch for His signs and His guidance, and you will get to where He will use you the most for His Kingdom.

I will never forget what a friend told me when I was requesting prayers for our purpose here. She said, “You are exactly where God wants you to be.” How true Avy. Thank you, my darling friend, for your positive and kind words always.

To those of you who are wondering about your purpose give it over to God and wait for Him to reveal it to you. But, remember it will be in His time and not yours.

God bless



9 thoughts on “God’s purpose for you – wait for Him to reveal it to you

  1. Hi Aileen

    a good friend (community leader) once told me:

    God takes His time – but He is always “on time”.

    Also – something I recently saw on Pinterest…

    “The teacher is always quiet during a test”

    Glad you made it through the test, and found your purpose.


  2. Bless you my angel, you are exactly where you should be because God saw His plan for you from the beginning. Sometimes we journey through life in a round about way but we learn lessons along the way to use for when we reach our final destination. You and Ali have a beautiful testimony!

    love you endlessly! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. So happy for you! But remember, it’s not all just about the destination, but The Journey. 😉

    Love you!

  4. God has a blueprint of our lives and it was written into his plan for you .God Bless you both on your beautiful journey and when you question God’s plan always remember the wonderful work you do in his name .You are both truly truly blessed .

  5. Bless you Aileen. As I read many of your blogs and FB posts, I am in awe of what God is doing in your life. You continue to walk your path as God has predestined for you and your rewards will be plentiful I heaven. You are blessed and are blessings those around you with God’s bright light shining so strongly through you. Love you precious friend

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