My Heart and You

A while ago a wrote about the preview reviews for My heart and You (read here)

A wrote a few more chapters since that article, and then the heartbreaking tragedy of my beloved husband, Ali’s death brought my writing to a grinding halt.  I had wanted to publish My Heart and You before the end of this 2017 year.

Sadly I cannot find the creative energy to write one line. Please hold me up to our Heavenly Father in prayer that I may lift the sadness in my heart and write once more. With your prayers I’m hoping the good Lord will fill my head with creative words and I will be ready to publish next year.

Thank you, everyone, for your constant kindness and prayers as I heal.

God bless

4 thoughts on “My Heart and You

  1. Will do my precious friend. Your and Ali’s journey has touched me deeply. Bless you and bless your humble heart.

  2. “Then your light will break out like the dawn, And your recovery will speedily spring forth; And your righteousness will go before you; The glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.” Isa 58:8
    Sweet Aileen, right now you might feel like you are in a dark place, but God will cause you to break out of that sadness. Your joy will spring forth as the dawn. Your passion for writing is a gift God has given you. Every good and perfect gift comes from above. He will kindle that passion again. He will be your rear guard. He will protect your from your vulnerabilities.
    The dawn always follows the night. In the spiritual as well as the natural, but we must go through the night first to have a deeper appreciation for the dawn. It’s in the darkness that we learn to yield completely to the sovereign God as Christ did in the garden, and said “Not my will, but thy will be done”. It’s hard to let go of the one you held dear and release them to God. It’s soooo hard… I know. But let go we must and it takes time. Little by little we release our grasp.
    Remember the night can’t hold back the dawn.

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