2 thoughts on “Radar Love

  1. Hi Aileen!

    God is most certainly great! His greatness, as you know, is often exemplified by the degree to which we’re obedient.
    “Radar Love.” Something tells me that … … eh hem! … you’re really familiar with the song!

    Please, keep it going, sister. As you know, God is in control! My prayers are for your success! But then, when you think about it, for we who are in Christ, there’s no such thing as “failure.” What’s that?


    1. Hi
      Thank you highly for your comment, indeed God is great, He is our guide and our strength.
      Hmmm we give our age away with that song, one of the greatest. The book though is about the Radar signal services is WWII (a love story – Christian Romance. The title is a little deceiving but interesting.
      You have a wonderful website keep going, may you blessed with many years in His servce.
      God bless

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