Radar Love Review on Goodreads

Recently I posted a photo of Lydia Hale holding her copy of Radar Love. Well Lydia has read it and I am thrilled to say that she thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is her review of Radar Love posted on Goodreads

Radar Love
by Aileen Friedman (Goodreads Author)


Lydia Hale‘s review

Oct 19, 2017

really liked it


Radar Love is a wonderful story of 4 ladies who have a very special friendship. The story is mainly a “flashback” to when they were all young during WWII, when they were in University as young friends and then working at Radar Stations near Cape Town. Its about them falling in love and the main love story of Peggy and Harvey, which is tender and endearing. Its about trust and faith and being true to yourself and to God.
A lovely story which really touches your heart.

Thank you Lydia, so much, it’s reviews like this that keep me writing, especially now. Since Ali’s death it is difficult for me to be creative and pick up where I left off with My Heart and You but you have inspired me to forge on.

Remember to send me a photo of you holding your copy.

If you’re looking to get your copy, here are the links https://aileenfriedman.co.za/linksbuy


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