Mr. Trolley Adventurer – Children’s book

This precious little munchkin, Maya Biezmeinova is holding her very own Mr. Trolley Adventurer book.   Please send me the photos of your children holding their copy of Mr. Trolley Adventurer. Go to this link to purhase your copy; /linksbuy/… Read moreMr. Trolley Adventurer – Children’s book


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NEW RELEASE MR. TROLLEY ADVENTURER  I have to often pinch myself that this is in fact a reality. Yes! Yes! Yes! I have fulfilled another dream by publishing a Children’s book. Mr. Trolley Adventurer has come a long way on… Read moreNEW RELEASE – CHILDREN’S BOOK


Happy New Year / Felize Ano Nuevo I pray 2017 will be a blessed and safe year for you and your loved ones. For me 2017: The plot of the new book is done and now the writing has begun… Read moreNEW YEAR, NEW BOOK & A SNEAK PEAK

What am I up to lately – on Cozumel Island?

  Besides living on an Island, safe and free from stress, with a fabulous warm ocean to swim in; I wake up when I want to, go to sleep when I want to and if I don’t feel like working… Read moreWhat am I up to lately – on Cozumel Island?

Why you should PRAY in the morning!

*WHY YOU SHOULD PRAY IN THE MORNING ❓ ❓ ❓* ⛳What is so important about morning prayers ❓ 🎈Prayer in the morning is so important because you meet God before you meet the Devil. 🎈You meet God before you meet… Read moreWhy you should PRAY in the morning!

Meet Mr. Trolley’s and Jamie’s Illustrator

Meet the wonderfully talented Ceci Morae who has brought Mr. Trolley and Jamie to life. Her creativity and attention to detail have made a dream of publishing my Christain Children’s stories a reality. I am so grateful our paths crossed… Read moreMeet Mr. Trolley’s and Jamie’s Illustrator

Mr. Trolley Adventurer

Mr. Trolley Adventurer has come alive! This book shares five stories of Mr. Trolley’s adventures. I am so extremely pleased to be at the point of finalizing Mr. Trolley. He has been an adventure to create and write about. Please… Read moreMr. Trolley Adventurer

Illustrator confirmed

Great news ..I have confirmed with an illustrator, Ceci Morae,​ for the two childrens book series, ‘Jamie’s Discoveries’ and ‘Mr. Trolley Adventurer’ …how very exciting. It is always such an awesome feeling when I get to tackle a project on… Read moreIllustrator confirmed